How To Paint High Places Without A Ladder?

We all want homes with high ceilings and gigantic walls. When many people look to buy new homes, they look for such spacious features. It attracts many people the way these high ended ceilings and walls make a house look majestic and grand. But wanting such a big house with several high places also requires a commitment.

A commitment to not only clean and repair the hidden areas but also to paint them. The hard-to-reach portions of such houses, especially at a height, can be a big headache. This is probably because not everyone has ladders that big. Even if you do, there are chances you cannot do the job alone.

Hence, it becomes important to maintain these areas well, or otherwise, they could spoil the entire look of the house. For getting a paint job, it is important to know first whether you need it at all. One should get a paint job every three to four years. Or, you can get one if you notice rusty and darkened spots in big numbers. It could also include the paint getting off. So, how can you then paint these areas without the help of a ladder, let us try to find out?


How to Paint High Places Without a Ladder?

If you wish to paint the high places in your home without taking the help of a ladder, you must have a stick. First, with a cleaning stick or roller, clean the areas. Once they are clean, you would have a better chance of painting them. Then, you need to scrape off the dead layer of paint and make the area smoother. If you cannot use a cleaning stick well, you can even get a new one that can expand and retract.

Once you did this, you now need to put primer on the wall. Although not a compulsory step, experts recommend this if your wall or ceiling has become too dark. To do this, a roller is a best-recommended option. You might find it hard to control a paintbrush from such a distance, but rollers are relatively easier. Once you have dusted and primed the areas, you can begin painting. You must figure out the color combination beforehand.

Remember, the high places are not areas where you can paint again and again. So, try getting it done in 1 or 2 times. If you need help from a professional, contact them. You can prefer the lighter shades of color as they suit the ceiling and high places. They can also help your house stay cooler in summers as colors of light shade absorb little heat.

When painting, you must choose a roller with a thicker neck. This will help keep its balance and stability. Once you have completed all previous steps, you must begin with the corners. Painting the corners first helps in maintaining uniform paint throughout so that it does not spill. While painting corners, you need to be careful as it should not go over to other walls. After doing the corners, you can move on to paint the rest of the area. This should be relatively easier if you have done the previous steps well.

Post Author: Rae Schwan