How to Break Up Concrete with Chemicals

In times of construction, one thing is constant; concrete. Concrete goes back to the days of Rome, where Romans poured it among other building materials. Nevertheless, the reason for its popularity across generations is its ability to be durable.

Even today, concrete can last for an extended period if done right. Although durability is a perk, it can be a pain. That’s why the construction team invented ways to break up concrete with chemicals because it is nearly impossible using other means.

Opting to use chemical is not popular, but it is a smart move if you would instead not get into smashing the floor out. Therefore put aside the tools and learn about this new technique herein.

Read on.


How Safe Is Demolition Grout?

As much as it does an easy and fantastic job, it is not as safe. A demolition grout like Dexpan can cause skin irritation and eye burns due to the alkaline content though there are still worse things that can occur with grout. More so, your concern should be on explosions that happen with grout.

However, these blowouts happen when you are not handling demolition grout well or a poor mixture. If you want to prevent adverse effects from demolition grout, follow the safety tips below;

  • Never pour Dexpan into a hole because the heat in the hole will increase the chance of explosions. Better still, use ice water if you are using it on a sunny day.
  • Wear a respirator and eye protection when mixing because this is the worst type of powder to inhale when handling.
  • Do not look directly into a hole you’ve poured Dexpan into because of the sudden blowouts. Preferably, wait until after 24 hours to peep into the hole.
  • Avoid pouring grout into a wet hole, but instead, use a plastic liner to avoid damages from its expansion effects.
  • Select a demotion grout according to the temperature in your area. It would be best to read the label on your grout choice to ensure you have the right one.

Please read through the spec sheet of the grout you are using for more safety measures.


How to Use Demolition Grout

For breaking up a large area of concrete, chemicals or demolition grout is the best method. Though, there will still be some drilling. This is what you should do;

  1. With a 1.5-inch drill bit, make holes on the concrete floor. Ensure you drill several holes to form a type of grid that are 1 foot apart and drill about 80% of the concrete.
  2. Mix your solution; 1.5 litres of water with 11pounds of Dexpan. Stir your mixture, ensuring no lumps with a drill and paddle.
  3. Wait for 15 minutes for the mixture to settle, and then start pouring in the holes. Pour quickly and dispose of any remaining grout as leaving it in the bucket could cause blowouts. Ensure the floor is not in direct sun, rain or snow.
  4. Usually, you will start to see cracks within 2-8 hours; however, wait for a recommended 24 hours for the grout to dry completely and expand.
  5. Remarkably, a single session of well-mixed grout is enough to break up the concrete. Therefore, after drying, you should brush off the floor’s concrete debris, ready for the next project.

Concrete-breaking chemicals are god-sent to handle more work in less time and no noise. If your climate allows it, give it a shot and thank me later!

Post Author: Rae Schwan