911 horror story gets even worse
What was already the latest 911 horror story, today got that much bigger. The latest Dupont Current newspaper reports on a Jan. 15 fire at 1617 21st Street, NW. Reportedly, several residents and neighbors tried to call 911 between 5AM and 6AM, repeatedly, to no avail. Dr. Norman Ristin reports that while he was on hold for 911, he had time to dress, go out to his car, and come back in – and still no one answered. Ristin says he even spoke to a police officer on the street who said he (the officer) had tried to call 911, and couldn’t get through for ten minutes. That fire resulted in one destroyed building, 3 damages homes, and the death of a man. Laudably, the fire department arrived 4 minutes after it got the call. But residents say that the time they got through to the fire department was a LONG time after they’d been trying to call 911.