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Immediately following DC on the list were Detroit (the winner in 2001), Baltimore, Memphis,
Chicago and Philadelphia (in that order).
Other notable rankings included: Los Angeles (9), Dallas (10), Boston (18), San Francisco (24),
and New York (25). Last on the list was Honolulu, ranked 32d with only 18 murders, in spite of
its population of nearly 900,000.
DC, by comparison, with nearly 600,000 residents, had 262 murders last year.
DC’s soaring homicide rate also defied national trends showing a slight drop in murders. In spite
of the fact that the number of total murders in all 32 cities dropped 1.2% in 2002 as compared to
2001, DC saw a nearly 13% increase in its murder rate in 2002, giving it the 6th-highest increase
among the cities surveyed.