DC crime up significantly

MPD says it gave the wrong data to the FBI
The MPD claimed last night that it somehow gave the wrong 2002 crime data to the FBI recently, data which included more rapes and over 400 more aggravated assaults than the MPD now claims occurred in DC last year. All the fixes the MPD wants to make in the data all lean towards making reported crime lower in the District. No word yet from the MPD as to where all those rapes and assaults came from that they now claim never occurred. This is not the first time the MPD has tried to reclassify aggravated assaults (which are counted in the FBI data) as simple assaults (which are not counted in the FBI data), which effectively removes those crimes from being counted in DC’s total number of crimes for 2002 – thus making it appear as if those crimes never happened, when those crimes were simply reclassified.